SweepSVN – Remove .SVN directories recursively from any project with the click of a button

Here’s a quick macro I wrote this morning that allows you to delete all those pesky .svn folders that pollute the file system of your project simply by right-clicking on the folder in the finder.

It’s just a simple shell script that iterates over the sub-directories of the target folder calling “rm -r” on any folders within that start with .svn

To use it, download SweepSVN and double-click it to install the macro in your ~/user/Library/Services folder. Once it’s there you should be able to right click on any folder and select “SweepSVN” from the context menu that appears and watch all your .svn woes wash away.

You can also disable it by de-selecting SweepSVN in your SystemPreferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services > Files and Folders or by simply deleting the macro file in ~/username/Library/Services folder.

As always comments are welcome.