Internet Service Provider Health Monitor

Is My Internet Online?

You know how frustrating it is when your internet suddenly stops working and you have no idea why?

Sadly none of the major US broadband providers offer an online status indicator to quickly let you know if they’re experiencing an outage.

So I built this quick app that you can fire up on your phone or tablet to see who around you has also lost service, hopefully negating the need to contact your ISP yourself to find out what’s going on.

The inspiration for this came a few weeks ago during a recent Comcast outage where I was pitched offline for almost 8 hours. I contacted Comcast via their Twitter account and was told that they don’t currently have an online system health status similar to what you’d expect to see from any reputable online service provider.

So rather than sit around twiddling my thumbs waiting for Comcast to resolve whatever their issue was, I started hacking away at a simple app that would allow users to share their ISP and online status based on their current location.

The idea being that if an area experiences a blackout, users can quickly share their online status with each other helping to determine if the issue is with their ISP and not say with their modem or router.

I also saw this as an opportunity to finally checkout v3 of the Google Maps JavaScript API and play with the geolocation capabilities of my iPhone.

As always questions or feedback are welcome.
If you discover a bug please open an issue on the project’s github page.